Create a digital marketing strategy

5 ways to get your digital marketing strategy in place

Not to state the obvious, but just about everyone’s online. Yet many businesses  have not yet embraced the power of digital. Many don’t have a digital strategy or reach their business goal online.

ShareDigital was born from a love for online and seeing clients reach their goals.  We love to surf the tide of the ever changing digital landscape. 

If your business is online, are you optimising its presence? Is your digital strategy integrated with your social media, website analytics, audience tracking, email marketing and Social and Google advertising?

Every business has its own unique digital needs, and budget. And with some expert help, you can embrace digital and see the real power of the digital age in action.

So what should you be looking out for when it comes to your digital business strategy? Here are our five tips to get you started:

  1. Is your website Google friendly?

    It’s important to make your business discoverable!

  2. Are you using social media to reach the right audience?

    Currently, it is estimated that fewer than 20% of social media followers organically get to see your content. Are you pushing this number higher with the right content and engagement?

  3. Are you using all the features and platforms available for you to reach your clients? 

    From posts to videos, stories, galleries, blogs, emailers and so much more. Using the right features for your business can push your digital presence to the next level.

  4. Do you know your audience and clients?

    Are you familiar with who your digital audience is? Are you aiming at the right clientele on the right platforms? Are you using analytics and insights and tracking to target potential customers?

  5. Are you running ads?
    With organic reach dropping, are you running ads to reach your clients? Do you know if your competition is running ads? Digital advertising as a targeted and effective way to reach exactly who you need to reach!

We believe that no business is a template and your digital marketing strategy shouldn’t be either. From understanding algorithm limitations on social content and audience reach to planning your digital presence and strategy, ShareDigital will share our knowledge to help you get on track. 

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