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A little bit of social media training can go a long way

We at ShareDigital often encounter clients who’re struggling with one simple issue: “I need social media training from someone I trust”.  Whilst we believe business owners should be running their business and making profits while professionals take care of your digital communications and platforms management, it’s not always that simple. Many business owners and entrepreneurs prefer handling their own social media for either financial or personal reasons. That’s why some social media training can go a long way in helping you run your business online.

Here are some examples of business owners who can – with some training – successfully manage their own social media platforms without it taking away too much time that should be spent on running or expanding your business;
  • You’re a small local start-up;
  • You are your brand/the face of your brand;
  • You’re an individual offering a service and have extra time;
  • You’re a hands-on business owner running your business alone

Understanding the ever changing and evolving digital and social platforms trends as well as audience and content is crucial. And it’s not simple.

Digital platforms, digital trends, content consumption, algorithm preferences and social media rules of engagement and platform management changes all – the – time! Keeping up to date is time consuming and it takes professionals to ensure your brand is being optimised online. But, for those smaller businesses and individuals with no or limited social media reach and with some time on their hands, a little bit of social media training can go a long way. And a refresher here and there can help you stay up to date with the basics until you’re in the position to let professionals like the team at ShareDigital take care of your holistic digital strategy.

ShareDigital offers just such social media training in Port Elizabeth.

If you’re a business owner in Port Elizabeth or Nelson Mandela Bay, reach out to us for all your social media training needs! We offer:
  • Custom one-on-one training for your specific platforms or business needs;
  • In-house staff training;
  • Social media account security training (to prevent anyone from hijacking your social media pages);
  • Group sessions and workshops;
  • Up-to-date tips for best practices on various platforms.

We’ve also been working with the Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber to assist its member that have identified the need for training. From the very basics to the small little detail that make a social media page great, we’ve got all the advice and tips you need. 

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