Good video storytelling

Bringing your brand to life – how to do good video storytelling

Good video storytelling has the unique ability to give your customers an inside look into your business. And if one picture speaks 1000 words, one video can generate a library.

Video storytelling has emerged as a great way for brands to influence and engage their target market. Using video as part of your content marketing strategy means you’re well on your way to ensuring your brand is credible and trustworthy.

Video is also one of the most consumed formats on social media and many algorithms favour video. This gives a brand that uses video marketing more power to influence their audiences in search, on their website and on social media. But knowing how to do good video storytelling is so important.

If your business already uses video marketing, great! If not, here’s what you need to know to get users interested in your business and its offerings. 

Good video storytelling step one 

Tell your unique story. Every business and brand has a story to tell: how and where it all began, what’s new and exciting and where you’re headed. Share that story with your customers through video. This is almost equivalent to the “about” section on your website, but way more visual and intriguing. Want loyal customers? Give them an inside look into your business culture and a preview of your authenticity. 

Good video storytelling step two

You’ve got a new product on the market. The best way to get people talking is to show them exactly how it works and how it’s going to change their lives. Product video marketing is a highly influential tool used by most global businesses today. Gone are the days of trial and error. Users are talking about products and services every second of every day. The average user is likely to watch a video that clearly details the product pros and cons, long before deciding to make the purchase. You have the power to tell your product’s story. It’s your responsibility to make sure the message you intend on sharing is exactly what users interpret. 

Good video storytelling step three

Understand the platform. Different social platforms showcase different consumer behaviour patterns. The specific platform also speaks to the appropriate video length, the best video format to use and the content itself. Unless you’re super famous – talking heads are still a big no no, even in 2019. So once you have your footage, you can adapt your edit to fit the unique specs of each platform.

Be it anger, excitement, joy, sadness surprise or trust – good video can evoke human emotions that could potentially see your brand soar.   

ShareDigital understands that every business has its own identity and story. Our approach aims to ensure that consumers recognise that your brand is like no other.  From understanding the specific video requirements of each social media platform to creating an informative and creative piece that speaks to your brand identity, we will share our knowledge to help you get on track.

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