Why employees are marketers

Employees are marketers – let them punt your brand online

As with any business, your employees are likely to be the key ingredient to your success. The people working for you are not only the driving force behind business operations – they are also your most valuable marketing asset.

When a prospective client or employee wants to know what it’s like dealing with a business like yours, best believe someone on your payroll is sure to be their first point of contact.

So what are your employees saying about your brand to their mates? More importantly, how are they representing your brand online?

Your employees are living and breathing social networkers who are valuable sources of information for your business.

ShareDigital has come across several cases where employees have unknowingly portrayed their company in a negative light, resulting in potential customers and employees becoming hesitant to associate with the brand.

People trust primary sources – your staff!

Of course this could be directly related to a poor corporate culture and job dissatisfaction, but it could also mean that employees haven’t been made aware that they are all spokespeople in one way or another.

Why it’s necessary:

  • Brand awareness and representation – the more people post, the more your brand is seen.
  • This then also improves engagement rates and could result in more post shares which increases the likelihood of the business increasing its social following. This means that because employees share the content posted by your brand on social media, it means more eyes on your business offerings.
  • And followers can become customers

How to get employees posting:

  • Incentivise! Incentivise! Incentivise!

With reach and engagement being fairly simple to track, your Social Media Marketer of the Month, can be given a well sought after reward. Make it fun, and ensure that your team is actually motivated to punt the brand online. 

You can easily track which employee’s posts get the most likes, shares or retweets. 

There’s nothing like a touch of competitive spirit to get people motivated.

 Ideas for posts:

  • Get employees to share something personal

A good personal story that reveals an honest lived reality about working for the company could have emotional resonance with customers. What do you like most about your job? Why did you choose this career? What does customer service mean to you? Answering any one of these questions in a short paragraph, accompanied by a relevant photograph, makes for great online content.

  • Teach me something

Your workforce lives in your business for eight hours a day (sometimes more). It’s safe to say they probably understand, better than anyone else, what customers need and want to know about the business. Help them refine the answers to the FAQs and have them post them to their personal pages, linking back to the business profile.

What is said about your brand, how it’s rated and perceived online can have a direct effect on your business’s reputation and its profitability. The ShareDigital team fully understands the complexities of “negative publicity” when people get things wrong. If your business continues to struggle with creating and posting engaging content on your website social media platforms – our team is here to show you the way. 


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