2020 Social Media Trends

Four important Social media trends to watch in 2020

2020 is around the corner with a number of exciting things to come. Now’s the time to reflect on our 2019 digital strategy and plan the year ahead. Are you using social advertising? Has your company received the help of professional digital and social media strategists like the team at ShareDigital? Do you have a clear indication of what your digital marketing plan is?

To help you, here are some 2020 social media trends and events that we’re keeping an eye on or are excited about.


The team at ShareDigital predicted it almost two years ago when we took the Herald Newspaper into WhatsApp and now it’s finally (almost) here. Soon you’ll be able to push your social advertising into WhatsApp statuses. It’s an exciting new social media trend coming in 2020 which brands can truly leverage in their favour. If you’ve not yet familiarised yourself with WhatsApp business and started to think about content for WhatsApp, get going.


Here’s a social media trend to keep your eyes on! TikTok was the most downloaded social media app worldwide for September 2019 with close to 60 million installs. If it’s not yet on your radar, get the bleep going! If you want to reach and better understand younger social media users, this is the place to be!


Always evolving Instagram launched a number of exciting features in 2019 like Donation Stickers, Checkout on Instagram and tests on hiding posts likes. Instagram should be one of your go-to digital marketing tools and with the stories feature being where it’s at and the platform always being revamped, it should stay there too. Be sure to keep  your eye on Instagram changes and trends in 2020 to get your digital marketing strategy in place. 

Facebook advertising

The reduction of organic social reach for businesses will most likely continue to drop to increase ad revenue for social media companies. Already the dismal organic reach has brands in a spin so the sooner you realise the importance of social advertising and get a knowledgeable team behind you to roll out ads, the better.

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