Managing Criticism and Negative Comments online

5 helpful Tips for Managing Criticism and Negative Comments online

Someone once said if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. And then this saying was adjusted for the 21st Century to “do what you love and you’ll work super hard and also take everything extremely personally.” This make managing criticism online so much harder. 

If you’re producing, posting or distributing content online, running a social media page, managing an account or just putting yourself out there in any way you’re inevitably going to cross paths with an online troll or an unhappy  customer. And that means you’ll need to know how to manage criticism and negative comments online.

Dealing with a troll is never easy. They’re particularly good at making things personal, at pushing the right (wrong) buttons, derailing constructive conversations and twisting content into their own agenda.

However, not all negative feedback or comments are irrelevant. The wonderful thing is that social media offers your brand the opportunity to be in touch with your audience and engage directly with them. The team at ShareDigital shared their top tips managing criticism online and negative comments.

1. Never take a negative tone 

No matter the tone of the comment, never hit back in a negative, aggressive or accusational tone. That does not mean you can’t respond with facts or have to sit back and take unwarranted punches, but remember that the way you treat a customer – a satisfied or unsatisfied one – is the way you and your business could be perceived by others.

2. Be friendly, always 

If you have an unhappy customer in store, you’re likely to treat them with kindness and understanding whilst attempting to sort out the issue as best as possible. Why would it be any different online? The added filter of a digital or social media platform often allows users to be or become more aggressive in their tone than they would in person. However, your response should not be dictated by a social media separation between you and a customer

3. Use negative feedback to better your product or service

Make up for bad experiences and learn from them

4. You simply cannot keep everyone happy all the time.

But you can try. And you can give the kind of feedback to negative comments or complaints that quickly kills the flame. What is posted online, lives forever, and that includes the way you handle complaints. 

5. Don’t engage with a troll – you will only end up looking slimy 

Once you’ve established that someone is a troll, just know that no matter what you say, you will not satisfy their need for online squabbling. Hide or delete comment and move on.

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