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Why you should be using analytics and insights to understand your customers

Any successful digital marketing campaign usually has four focus areas:

  • Attraction
  • Retention
  • Conversion and
  • Measurement

While each area has its unique part to play in the overall marketing strategy, measurement, it is often argued, should be a top priority for any digital marketer worth their salt.  

A significant component of any business’s success, is being able to use various metrics to measure, find trends and compare data to previous periods or competitor activity.

A digital marketing campaign is probably not going to be as effective, if your business chooses not to track and analyse the impact and footprint of its strategies. Data, and the insights and information you get from it, are critical for understanding your audiences’ behaviour online.

But, it’s more than just adding up the numbers. Your goal should be trying to understand why visitors to your online platforms act in certain ways or make certain decisions online.

Information related to why your customers chose to spend time on Facebook in the morning, rather than in the afternoon, for example. Why do certain posts get more likes, comments and shares when posted during lunchtime? Why does no-one click on your search engine advert even though there are several impressions every day?

Understanding these behavioural patterns can help you strategize your brand’s next move and implement more coherent and engaging content plans to help you meet your business objectives.

From helping you monitor your visitors and users, to optimising your website, and measuring profit contributions from online marketing initiatives, the ShareDigital team can help your business keep up-to-date with ever evolving customers. We’ve also got some tips to get your digital marketing strategy in place.

We’ll train you to make use of user-friendly web analytics tools that provide key metrics and statistics about users, unique sessions, bounce rates, top content, top keywords, referrer sites and traffic source.

As time goes by, you’ll gain more insight into your audience’s online behaviour – when traffic to your site is at its peak, and which pages are the most popular. Understanding these trends can help your marketing team predict future behaviour, making it easier to plan and implement future digital marketing campaigns. 

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